Islamic Wall Art 3D Layered Art

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A stunning and unique piece of art. A 3D layered, geometric pattern artwork. With 3 gates designed within an intricate arch. 

Handmade. Custom made. 

There are 3 layers with each layer designed with traditional geometric patterns. Laid one piece on to another to form an eye catching piece of work. 

The outer gates are painted in rustic gold. The rest of the artwork is in natural wood. 

Why not add an extra layer and add a dua, surah or a personal message? This is optional and will sit in the middle arch. By default, you can choose sura Fatihah. Please check the box if you would like this added. 

Inner size is A4. 

Full frame size is 30cm x 40cm.

Frame is a rustic silver colour. 

The art is cut using 3mm plywood.