An Arabic Name Necklace is a stunning piece of jewellery. It adds a touch of exoticness and mystery when worn. These Arabic names on necklaces make a unique gift, personalised from any name. They glimmer around your neck and can come in gold, silver or rose gold. But have you ever wondered how these beauties are made?

There are a few ways a personalised Arabic name necklace can be made. These include laser cut, stamped, hand fabricated and hallmarked. Lets run through each of these methods.

Laser Cut Arabic Necklace With Name

With the advent of computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD), large manufacturers can cast jewellery pieces quickly and efficiently saving on time and money. Depending on the type of necklace made, the cost savings can be passed on to the retail price.

When an Arabic name necklace is first designed, the original name is taken and then translated into Arabic. The name is then set on a preset design template which comes set with an Arabic font. The measurements are also set at this stage as the necklace will be cut to a fixed size precious metal. A sophisticated design software programme will only do in this art process.

So, how is the design then cut into a beautiful Arabic necklace? To do this, highly sophisticated laser machines are needed. These machines will translate the design and then precisely cut the name out on a gold piece of plate.

Once the Arabic name is lasered and cut, the final steps to transforming the metal is to polish and shine it. Once it reaches a high shine point, the chain is added. For the finishing touch, the custom designed Arabic name necklace is placed in beautiful packaging, ready to be sent to the customer

Stamped Arabic Necklaces

Stamped necklaces are mostly made on flat blocks of metal. Shapes can include square, round or rectangle. This traditional style of jewellery making is still popular today. Each letter or design is lovingly hand stamped to offer a truly unique jewellery item. To add an Arabic name onto the necklace, special tools are used to press each letter onto the metal. These tools include a hammer and stamp templates. The designer will accurately position each letter accurately and stamp it until the full name appears perfectly onto the necklace.

Hand Crafted UK Made Personalised Arabic Necklace

Hand crafting is an old skill which is still used by the finest craftsmen today. Few jewellers make fine jewellery, using rare and precious metals and stones, designing each and every piece bespoke for the customer. The tools used for this trade are specific and include a hammer, jewellers saw, different types of pliers, ruler, and polishing equipment. And not to forget a large and robust work bench.

Handcrafted necklaces are particularly useful when you want a truly bespoke piece. You can request to add a memorable stone, add parts of another necklace and renew it as a memory. The design specs are limitless.

As this craft is time consuming and bespoke, the cost of making a personalised Arabic name necklace will be more than a laser cut version. But the finished design will be worth it in terms of uniqueness and quality.

What Is Hallmarked Jewellery And Why Is It Important?

A hallmark is a set of symbols marked by and Assay Office. A hallmark gives an independent guarantee of precious metal purity. And it offers valuable customer quality assurance. It is also a legal requirement when selling precious metal over a certain weight.

A hallmark is made up of the following 5 marks: sponsors mark; traditional fineness mark; Assay Office mark; date letter mark.

This hallmarking process adds 2-3weeks in the making and delivery timescales and each and every piece has to be independently checked and marked. This independent check offers consumers the highest validation in precious metal jewellery

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