What Are the Best Gifts to Bring Back from Umrah?

Blog Introduction: Going on Umrah is an amazing experience for any Muslim. It is a chance to show your devotion and connect with Allah by visiting the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. Afterward, you will want to remember your pilgrimage forever, so why not bring back some meaningful gifts for yourself and your loved ones? Let’s look at some of the best gifts to bring back from Umrah!

Kiswa Cloth from Kaaba

The Kiswa cloth from Kaaba is one of the most special gifts you can bring back from your pilgrimage and will be a treasured memory for years to come. The Kiswa is a black silk-velvet fabric that covers the Kaaba in Makkah. Every year, it is changed in front of millions of people during the Hajj season. You can find replicas of this fabric online or in local stores near Makkah or Madinah, but nothing compares to bringing back an original piece that has been blessed by being inside the holy city.

Islamic Artwork

Another great souvenir to take home with you after visiting Umrah is some Islamic artwork. There are many places where you can purchase beautiful Islamic paintings and calligraphy pieces that are inspired by spiritual themes such as “Allah” and “Muhammad (PBUH)”, or scenes depicting important moments in Islam like the first revelation of Quran. These pieces make wonderful gifts for yourself or as presents for family members or friends who could use a reminder about their faith when times get tough.


Dates are a staple in Islamic culture, so it only makes sense to bring back date pits as a gift from your umrah trip! Date pits are symbolic reminders of sacrifice – they remind us that just like Abraham sacrificed Ishmael on Mount Moriah in Makkah using date pits, we too must give up something valuable if we want Allah’s blessings. Date pits also have religious significance because they were often used as currency during Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) time - so bringing them back as a gift serves as both a reminder of our faith and our heritage!


There are many wonderful things you can bring back home with you after going on umrah – including kiswa cloth from Kaaba, Islamic artwork, and date pits! Each item has its own special meaning which makes them perfect gifts for yourself or others who hold Islam close to their hearts. Whichever gift(s) you decide to buy, make sure it comes from an authentic source near Makkah or Madinah so that it carries extra blessing! So go ahead and start shopping – these thoughtful presents will be sure to brighten up anyone’s day!


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